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Bassetti Photo's COVID-19 Response

We've been productive during quarantine coming up with new ways to facilitate Picture Day, safely! Here are some steps we've taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.



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Preparing and Scheduling

Our schedule is usually set by the team, but we can adjust to meet your league's needs. We have the flexibility to take siblings' photos together, for example. All we need to get started is a roster of your players that includes email contact info.

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Health & Safety

Our employees must pass a health check before each shift and wear a face mask while working. We’re encouraging healthy hygiene habits and social-distancing as guided by the CDC.

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Tents for Outdoor Photos

We now have a tent that allows us to photograph your players on a green screen outside and control our lighting, just like we would do indoors.

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Socially Distant Team Composites

In lieu of a traditional team photo, we can photograph all players individially to create a composite for each team. Our composites look great, and they help prevent crowds.

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Online Ordering

Parents can order directly from our website instead of filling out paper order forms.

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Home Delivery

If desired, completed orders can ship directly to the home instead of the league.